I’ve always really enjoyed the Inquistion in 40K, Eisenhorn and Ravenor books by Dan Abnett are definitely my favorite 40K novels, and rather high on my favorite novel list in general.  I’ve GM’ed the role playing game Dark Heresy by for a while as well and I’m currently reading Resurrection and playing the PS4 Inquisition Martyr game as well.

So a bit ago I though why don’t I make and Inquisitor and retinue!  So I did, and I thought I’d try to build as many of the models as possible from bits rather than specific kits.


The first model I did was the inquisitor him self.My thoughts for him was that he was a radical from the Demon Hunter order, I’ve modeled him reading a book, I imagined its a holy tome, possible of banishment or some such.  But I also thought he would use the weapons of the Demons against them (being on the radical path) hence the Demon blade, the chains here are from binding the Sword in an attempt that to force it to “work” for the Inquisitor.  I also felt that the muted metals and leathers worked here, with just the blue cloak to add some colour, and I’ve used this on the entire group.


Next came a Demon host, if your going to be a radical you might as well have one, I wanted this to look like it was flying/hovering but chained down again to keep it “under control.”  And I also did a familiarly, just because I fancied making one, again keeping these to the colour scheme above. After that I thought about possible allise for a radical inquisitor, and the first that came to mind was a cray Tech priest.  I figure that a tech priest that could use Xeno’s tech would be really useful but also hated by most of the Imperium, and hence fit nicely with a radical Inquisitor, and where would a Tech priest be without a servitor.

I felt I needed a little red on the Tech priest just for fluff reasons really so I put some on but really darkened down so it did not clash with the blue too much.  The guns on these models just seemed to get sillier and silly as I modeled them, and I must say I think I’m ok with the final result here.


The last 2 models for the group I had the idea of more “normal people” the first would be a swords man from a noble house.  And again to fit him in with the radical side I gave him a Eldar sword, then the last chap I wanted a feral world fighter, hence trying to make the armour look more old metal (I think the old Bret helmet worked here nicely), but with more 40K weapons.  I recon a feral worlder would be really impressed with a shotgun and a grande.


So the group overall sort of fell into 3 sub groups by the end.

I’m really happy with these guys.  Not because they are my best painted models or anything, but because I had a crazy idea “build an Inquisitor retinue from bits” and I actually did it!  The fact that each model is a really hodge podge of bits from other models is great, I had loads of fun taking an idea of a model in my head and trying to figure out how on earth to make it.

I must point out that all the photos were very kindly taken by my better half, some any comments regarding actually taking the photos please direct to tragicfangirl.com

So really enjoyed this project, and thinking of making some sort of transport for them, got a few ideas but nothing solid yet.

Anyway hope people enjoy the models as much as I enjoyed making them and painting them.

5 thoughts on “The Inquisition

    1. Thankyou, I really enjoyed making and painting them. I currently trying to think of a similar project, making a small group that don’t really have the correct minis at the moment, but not really sure what yet.

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