Got the new Skaven book Saturday and got my old Warhammer Fansticy Skaven out to see if I still had a force!

And I was pleasantly supprised, I still had an Army, and a mainly painted one at that, I had done a big painting go on this force before a tonnerment some years ago and most of the models still looked fine.
Also the new book only seems to of got rid of Skaven slaves (from the models I had), which I do feel is a little bit of a shame as I had modeled this up as empire slaves and rather converted them as well.  But the rest of my force seems read for battle, well that is apart from the square bases.
Not sure at this second in time if its worth rebasing them all, perhapps even coming up with a better basing scheme, how hard / time consuming have other found the re-basing and army?

I did find 2 of my favourt conversions as well, my Vermin lord and Hell Pit abomination.
I really like the Vermin Lord, I based it on the Chaos Demon prince and its just worked like a I wanted it to!
But I did all of the before the new Vermin Lord models came out, which are amazing looking models, and massive.  So I’m just not sure what to do with this little fella now.

Intrstings the Hell Pit I did I was never very happy with, I did it but it never really looked like I had in my head and, but now after getting it out of a carry case for the first time in over a year, I sort of like it!
I’m not sure why I like it, the modling never really did what I was trying to and the mainting is far from my best, but it is fun and silly, so perhapps thats enough!

So its just what base scheme do I use if I do rebase the army and, can I make that Vermin Lord look goo enought?

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