So to day I’ve been back working on the Imperial Knight that I’, doing as part of a project with the other half.  The last time I worked on this however it did not go so well, just was not flowing The tops a start at least.  However today has if anything felt the opposite, feels like I’ve really broken the back of the model

I’ve only done the back half, but now my other half has started the red side, and I’m surprised at just how well 2 paint schemes done by different people for their own home-brew marine armies come together.

Really looking forward to finishing my half of it off now, as mainly got the fun bits to do like pipe work scroll work, well and a bit of dry brushing but I recon that should be easy.

Also I’d just like to say thanks to mcmattila for suggestion on how to improve the photo quality, think these are better now after your suggestion.

Cheers all. 

3 thoughts on “2 Halves Become 1

  1. That’s a striking red! And as you said, the paint scheme works really well. I had been wondering why you have been painting this in halves.. I thought that maybe you wanted to spread out the workload, but now I know better!
    Also, the photos look great, I’m glad that I could be of assistance.

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