Tonight I’ve been trying to do a bit of batch painting. I have always batch painted in the past with my High Elves and my Marines, but never with my Chaos. And I’m not convinced its the best way to paint these, I think because I like to keep them all looking different batch painting does not lend itself well to them.

But at least I got something done! Not finshed yet mind this is just based and washed/inked. Just have to see if and can get the copper weapons to look ok with a bit of layering.


2 thoughts on “A batch of Bloodreavers

  1. I’m liking your color choices! When I was doing my Reavers, I also wanted to give them a mix of different skintones and cloth colors. I did all 20 together, and used 4 different skintones and maybe 6 colors for cloth/straps/fur. I just picked around 4-7 guys for every color, and tried to make sure that no-one ended up with everything in one color, and duplicate sculpts would look different.

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