So I finished off a Blood Claw earlier in the week, apart from his base, when I put him back on the shelf I suddenly realised he was not alone. I now had 4 fully painted models blue tacked to unpainted bases. So I started sorting that out. And this is how I did it.

Started by base coat dark blue, with a couple of bits of a light blue and white in thete. The idea is that this will give a water type look, but its going to be under ice, so don’t have to do it clean. I try to do all 3 colours while they are wet to blend them a bit, gives a better water feel. The little bases are a little darker as I had not spray painted them white, I dont think its going to matter.

Next up its the ice, the idea here is that its going to be biggish sheets but a bit broken up. I’ve just used bits of plastic that is more or less see through and trim it to the correct size. As I’ve used clippers to do this it gives a slight white effect on the edges where it bends which is a nice plus.

After that its the GW snow effect texture paint applied in big lumps to everywhere that does not have ice on. I did make a snow effect using baking powder once, but I’ve found this yellows a bit over time, so I’m trying the GW paint this time.

After that I did a white dry brush on the snow areas, but its hard to get a good photo showing that so I did not bother. Stuck the model on the base, added a couple of patches of GW modeling snow. Clean up the rim with black and wrote their names on in white.

I happy with the bases ans feel they work well with the mins.

And here is a close up on the little Blood Claw that got me doing my Wolves again.

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