So been mainly plugging away at my Khorne Bloodbound force recently, so I fancyed a change from over muscled combat crazed murderers, so I’ve started paint my …

Goliath Necromunda Gang!

Ok so I have perhaps had better idea for break but nevermind.

So last couple of nights I’ve been starting a test model for my Goliaths, and here he is with his base colours on, still a long way to go but starting to get a feel for him now.

So when I paint any model I really try to make sure it “makes sense.” So for this one I wanted 1 really strong Gang colour as thats how I would see them identify themselves, and you don’t get much more stand out than yellow.

The rest of his gear I wanted to look very industrial, also no wood or leather as I don’t think there woul be much of either in the bottom of a HiveCity. So grey plastics/rubbers and lovely orange overalls!

Skin tone I’m going for very pale, hunders of generations of people living at the bottom of a massive metal pyramid never seeing the sun, I recon they are not going to have the best sun tan.

Still got loads to do but happy with the start!

Also managed to get the bases of my last Bloodreavers done just need them to dry then I might do some force so far pics.


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