So like many other I’ve picked up the recent GW contrast paints. I did this however with a very specific project in mind. My long neglected Nids for 40K, this is a force I started long ago and wanted to be a big swarm army. The overall colour scheme I came up with ages ago and I like, but the force has never seen enough of the paint brush for various reasons.

So I’ve been trying out contrast paints with the aim of getting them moving. So firstly I’d better say that the new paints a very good, but very different and as such I’ve spent a bit of time just playing with them. And after a few attempts this is what I’ve got.

Now the model definitely looks better than when he was just base sprayed white, but is it good enough?

And thats the question I’m just not sure on. As I know I could paint this model better, but would I? This is less than 1 hour painting session with only a few paints used.

3 layers at the back used as “bases” 3 contrasts paint that have done all the heavy lifting so to speak. And a few extras to neaten up do eyes and the like.

So do I try to do a load of these and get a great table top force or do I put them back in the que for good painting, which probably means back in a box.

Whats others take on contrast paints?

6 thoughts on “To contrast or not to contrast that is the question

  1. I think it looks fine! It’s a trade off between time spent painting and the finish you get! Since I mainly paint smaller 20mm historical figures with a pretty fast method anyway, I’m probably not going to get any contrast paints yet, but that doesn’t mean I won’t and it’s been really useful seeing your results! Thanks for posting!

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    1. Thanks, glad to hear its helpful. I don’t know scale wise as I’ve never done that size but I’d recommend the contrast paints for cloth or flesh areas, they work well on folds. Less so for big flat areas metals and the like.

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  2. If I were you, I’d definitely paint them with contrast to a tabletop standard. You can always continue with regular paints after a while, if you want to refine them. They’re not doing anyone any good sitting in a box!

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  3. Mini looks good, once the base is painted up/ covered I reckon it will look even better. I got a couple of pots of the paint as par5 of my birthday present from my kids. I am still at the not sure stage… I added a couple of pics on the blog. Problem, will be, just like painting in washes, if you make a mistake, you have to redo that small bit, which will slow everything down. I reckon you should do a unit of the Nids and see how you feel about them as a unit.


    1. Thanks mate, still trying to figure out how to sort the base out. Not seen your post on it yet, bit behind on reading blog posts but will have a look for it.
      I know what you mean about making mistakes they are very hard to paint neatly with.
      But yep doing a unit is what will make it work or not I recon.


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