I’ve been playing D&D with the same group for years now however last week are regular GM through in a curveball he got models and a map out. Which I know is normalish but for our group its only ever been pen and paper. So today I quickly found converted and painted a mini for the next session.

Currently all the characters are level 0 so no class yet just background and races. The fluf is we were all slaves on a ship and have been through into some ancient ruins to fine stuff. So we have little kit, mine has a club from the ship. Hes picked up a knife and a leather armour off the corpse of a rouge we came across.

It was nice to do a different model and a nice quick rough and ready paint scheme. Its also helped me feel a bit more attached to the character.

8 thoughts on “D&D with models! Madness

  1. Nice looking mini. Your post brings back a lot of fun memories for me. 🙂

    What version of D&D were you playing? I ask because I played a lot of the early editions and found that in later versions, which the game became more position-based with feats and such, positioning became a lot more important than it was in original D&D, etc.

    I remember many years ago that I got a lot of fun painting up the old, metal figures, Grenadier, Ral Partha, etc.

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    1. I’m playing the most recent 5th edition, I have played 3.5 in the past as well but no others. 5th does not seem so critical for positioning, but our GM is fairly free flowing so to speak. I really like 5th at the moment best RPG I’ve played I think.
      Glad my post brough back memories of good times for you!

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