So recently like many others I’ve been play around with GW new “wonder” paints. And I’ve found they have done something truly amazing for me… Inspired me to paint my Nids.

Its funny really as I picked nids to try contrast paints on because I’d fallen out of love with them, not touched them for years so was not bothered about ruining some models. And instead its really kicked off my interest in these bugs again.

As you can see I’ve gone for a bright colour scheme. My idea for the force is a swarm of lesser beasts with bigger brutes in there. Very much inspired by the truly good moves of my youth, Aliens and Star Ship Troopers. The screens where there are just loads of them charging a position.

The idea of the charging horde links to the colour, a lot of the info in the codexs about nids says just how terrifying they are to fight. I think the hive mind would try to use this, and black and yellow are the natural warning colours so that made them prominent. In my colour scheme and gave birth to the name Hive Fleet Vespid.

So this is what I’ve got finished recently, mix of guants and termaguants. I’m also part way through a bigger beasty, which I’m hoping to get done for Azazel’s Awesome August challenge (2019 well I hope 2019 not 2020, but we will see).

14 thoughts on “And then Vespids came out to play

  1. These look great. I’ve been thinking about my own Tyranids… time to get them out and rebate the ones I completed and maybe even start some new models. Posts like this really increase that temptation… šŸ™‚

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      1. My current ones are a cockroach brown, though I’ve always wanted to do a bunch of stealers in the classic blue and purple, so maybe I’ll end up with a pair of ‘mid forces?

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      2. The ones I have painted are based on the original scheme for the Xenomorphs in Aliens. I’m actually less fond of bright ‘nid schemes (for my own models anyway) but the trouble with a dark blue-black Xenomorph scheme is that it doesn’t translate as well to the tabletop. I can make an exception for the original blue-purple of the Genestealers, though!

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