So I’ve been painting a big nid ands its getting there just got a dry brush to do on its gun when the orange is dry. Then stick it together and put it on its base.

I don’t normally paint model in bits but to be honest this had fallen to bit a while back and I reckon it would be easier to paint in parts. What I’m finding interesting about my nids is having a painting recipe for the whole model. And that this one uses the same as all its smaller brethren.

So bellow is that recipe in case one is intrested, but which I must be honest is mainly for me in case I forget which shade of a colour I use!

I use Skavenblight Dinge to paint lines on the carapace, and Genstealer Purple for all the “inner flesh” like the tung and the rib bits on the legs, I also do the eyes in this.

The its Iyanden Yellow Contrast on the carapace and Gryph-charger Grey Contrast on the claws and teath.

I picked Gryph-hound Orange Contrast for the skin, including over the purple bits. I think this just gives thoes areas a bit of difference from the rest of the skin but also blends in in a natural way.

Then its tidy up the mess from the orange with Flash Gitz Yellow and Thunderhawk Blue. I do this as I find contrast paints messy to work with an hence always need a little bit of tidying.

After that its eyes with Moot Green, edge the carapace with Dorn Yellow, edge the claws and teath with Ulthuan Grey. I use Abaddon Black to do thin lines inside the grey lines on the carapace. After that quick drybrush on the skin using Kindleflame.

So thats it, now I’ve got excuse for any of my nids looking different colours.

And I’ll be posting better pics of this one when I’ve finished its base.

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