So with my nid force moving along though I’d do myself a quick basing guide. I do these in case anyone finds them intresting, and so that I can refer to the later and keep all the basing the same.

I first off built up the base with some filler to add a little filler.

On top of this I put on Stirland Mud to start to give a bit of texture.

Then its a couple of patches of Lustrian Undergrowth to add some grass areas.

When thats dry I dry brush a Banblade Brown, I really like the GW dry brush brushes for this really good.

After that its some green flock on top of the green areas but not fully covering those areas.

Finally fill any little gaps with Dryad Bark and finally did the rims with the same.

I want these bases to look like a world that is dying. My reasoning for this is that when nids attack the world is also under assault from their spores. So the idea is that even the grass is dying and what was green fields are now just mud.

So this group with the ones I did the other day now gives me lucky 13! So its now a legal squad and as such I’m putting it in for Azazel September Squad.

So think they these moving on nicely now. Next up are 3 nid warriors for this force.

6 thoughts on “Nid Base Scheme

    1. Thanks, I originally tried a desert scheme for this army ages ago, think I must of just read Dune or something and it just did not work. Think it was too similar in colour.
      Glad you still like the colour scheme as more are on the way, sprayed up 3 “warriors” slightly bigger ones this weekend so onto them soon.

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