Got a game planned for this weekend, and we have decided to do the relic mission from the 40K main rule book. For those that don’t know the point of this mission is to get a item the “relic” from the middle of the table and keeping it away from your opponent.

So I figured we need something that 2 armies would both really need, but has to be small enough that a person could carry.

So recently I’ve been adding Primaris Marines to my normal force and reading some of the fluff these marines have organs compared to normal ones. And these can be inplanted into normal marines to upgrade them.

So I recon one of these organs would be handy for the Marines and not something they wanted in the hands of Chaos.

The idea with the model is that the organ is suspended in some sort of fluid to keep it alive.

Unfortunately the clear tube I used hazed a bit on one side when I glued it to the other bits. But for a quick objective marker I’m happy with it, a lot better than using a dice!

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