So the other half got the City of Sigma book the other day and is starting a new army from there, she got a couple of units and is starting to put the together, this is her first post about them

Now she is also intrested in playing a “path to glory” campaign with them, which is basically a escalation campaign Ideal to build and army slowly up around. I said I’d use my Khorne force against her in this and was really looking forward to it, but then the problem struck.

You need a leader to build the army up around, the other half has a human general on foot. Now my normal leader (here he is) is just powerful game wise in comparison.

So obviously the only solution was to scratch build a model!

So this will be my leader, an Aspiring Deathbringer, or first level Chaos hero. Armed with a axe and hammer. The rules for the hammer are a little odd, as it has a 3 inch range while most hand weapons only have a 1 inch and even spears only have 2. So I think looking at the GW model that its ssupposed to be thrown but kept on his person by a chain, hence why thats been added.

On this model I did a tiny bit of green stuff sculpting around the colar of his left shoulder. First time I’ve used green stuff that way and I found it tricky, wanted to stick to me more than the model.

But overall happy with the conversion, see what spraying up looks like. And how many skulls he can take from the good peoples of Sigmas Cities!

15 thoughts on “Aspiring to be a Deathbringer

  1. Looking good, If it hadn’t been for the Greenstuff I would have thought he was bought as is. I know what you mean about the Greenstuff. Sticks to anything except the model. Wet fingers and tools was the way forward.

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    1. Thank you sir, thatvis high praise.
      What is annoying is now you said best way for green stuff is wet tools/fingers I think I remember someone else saying this and I was going to try it, typically I could not remember that while using the GS!

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  2. Fancy. I agree with your thoughts on the justification for the hammer having a better range than the spear. I think it is cute that he has little horns coming out his head and bigger horns coming out his armor or his back.

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