So as the title suggests had to cancel our regular DnD night tonight, however I always try to look for a silver lining to all clouds, and this was me painting my DnD character!

He is a warlock and currently level 4, which meant he had a gew new things over the level 1 version he replaced.

Including a magic tomb (made from folded paper my word that was fiderly) a magic sceptre made of jade (thats a green colour I think) and just some cleaner cloths!

Still has his little bag sachel of reagents. Now the weird shape coming from his hand is my take on the spell he casts all the time. This is Eldrich blast which does “force” damage, thats the blue bit. But I always Hex the target first which does a bit less “necrotic” damage thats the black bit swrilling round. And I do an extra tiny bit of “cold” damage because of my race in the setting which I’ve represented with a single snow flake right at the end (of a frost Phoenix also fiderly).

And here he is with 2 mates from his group Hoi and Cailan (this one done by The Jenn).

10 thoughts on “Canceled DnD night …

  1. Sorry you had to cancel. But the character turned out great! you painted it yourself? I have just started getting into painting my own characters after learning about them at a smalling gamming expo in town. I recently just started a podcast of my dnd sessions. So I am out searching the blogging world for other fun people with dnd pages. Thanks for sharing

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