So tonight I did the finishing touches of my kit bashed Aspiring Deathbringer model.

And considering I made him just from bits I had lying around, the main body is not even a chaos model, I’m fairly chuffed. My favorite bit is the head, it just speaks character to me, really helped me pick the rest of the colours to match him. Also he’s ended up with just white eyes as I painted the white first before I was going to add a second colour and he looked so scary with just the white I stopped there.

The horns on the back look ok, I had wanted them to look a little more bloody when I first did them but got them to this stage and though they where good enough.

The lion shoulder pad is probably the most obvious none chaos bit but I like it to much to change and it fitted really well, I’m hoping the dark colour helps on it.

I wanted to get some better pics of these than my normal bit of paper and painting light that I normally use so I got the other half light box out but was really struggling with “shiny head” syndrome.

But after many different attempts we figured out the black background was no good, so swapped to white and it all worked! Even if its a bit less mody.

I’ve also got a bit further with the 2 Bloodwarriors I’m doing but they where to wet to put in the light box. So I’ll try to get them finished off this week then that will be my full Path to Glory war band painted. Which mean I might have to start on some scenery, a scary thought.

4 thoughts on “Aspiring no longer for he has Aspired!

  1. Looking great mate. I really like how he looks, great colours and the basing finishes him off really well.if you hadn’t have said it was a lion on his shoulder I wouldn’t have realised it wasn’t some snarling chaos beast.

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