So recently I picked up a game thats really only just hitting the shelves called GodTear. My mate did the kickstarter and showed me it, after 2 games I pick some of it up at my local store.

The game itself is great, a really good “simple to play hard to master” set up. In the game you take 3 groups, each group comprises of a hero, basicly a very young demi-god for the setting, a unit of follower up to 5 and a totem/flag, so make 7 models. But each group is completely different so 1 can be orcs another undead and a 3rd dwarfs. So really intresting from a painting point of view. Speaking of which!

So here my first unit of followers and “flag” still need to base (not sure yet on that) and do the Champ which is a female dwarf spell caster. Models all come pre assembled but where nice to paint. Also might have to add something to their eyes, not sure they are ok yet.

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