So we are getting close to the end of 2019, and as a few others have already done I thought this might be a good time for a hobby summary of the year for me.

First and biggest hobby thing for me this year really is this blog!  I started it off in February, and to be honest I was a little unsure about it going into it, I’ve never been a massive internet fan. But I read a couple of “Fangirl Features (Here)” the other half had posted and both of them commented on how positive the internet community had been for them. Also I had been struggling with the hobby, life changes meant I was not really gaming so it was starting to feel a bit pointless and I was half considering calling it a day on my oldest hobby.

But it would appear that this blogging stuff has helped my productivity from a possible give up to getting all this lot finished this year.

So, no where near the massive amounts some people have achieved but I’m happy with all these models and that is really the important bit for me… Well I don’t like this guy but hay there always has to be 1.

And I’ve actually done 64 posts this year since I started in February, so thats a bit more than 1 a week on average and I normally only post after painting so thats around 1 painting session a week at least, so thats good as well!

Favorite force this year looks to be my AoS Khorne force, which has a lot of models I’m very pleased with including the army leader and my scratch built second in charge.

Nids are good one this year as well, really starting to look like the force I wanted them to when I first came up with the idea for them.

Marines I’ve started to get my teeth back into which is great as they are one of my oldest forces.

And I even did a dragon!

As well as some DnD models and a few random sculpts, and the start of a Necro gang and started my GodTear models.

So I suppose what I’m really trying to say is thanks to everyone that has taken the time to look at / like / comment on my posts as its really help me keep inspired and painting!

Cheers all and have a great new year, may the hobby continue all the stronger in 2020!

14 thoughts on “The end of the start

  1. Pressed reply before finishing! My blog helps me with productivity too. That’s why I started it way back in September 2017. The one thing I enjoy is seeing how far I have come since then, both in quantity of miniatures finished and also ability. Like you, I hadn’t really done much gaming. Since moving Clubs from a Thursday night to a Sunday afternoon it means both myself and my daughter can go, so for about six weeks we have been going there. I made the change for no other reason that the Thursday evening was a bugger to get to after work.

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  2. Well I think you’ve quite a bit done there when it comes down to it, so well done! I have no idea what I’ve painted this year, so will have to check back on me own blog to see! Not so many figures painted this year for me, but I’ve offset that a bit with some scenery and more tanks than usual and I always seem to keep busy. And, like you not, so many games, so I need to work on that! Here’s hoping you continue to enjoy painting, gaming and blogging! 🙂

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  3. Definitely a strong comeback, I’m glad that the blog has helped with the motivation! That’s a great haul of minis. My favorites are the Khorne guys as well, really impressed by your army! Close second are the marines, the freehand scroll work and combining mk3/mk7 bits really work well. Heh, I’ve done something similar myself..

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    1. Thanks, I think I’ll be trying to finish off all the Khorne models I have this year.
      Glad you like the Marines they are my biggest army now, might have to get a full army shoot of them at some point.


  4. Awesome stuff mate – and it’s always great to see model collection posts like this one, especially with all of the smaller forces you worked on over the course of the year. Keep it up!

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