So this year so far my new year resolution is currently going strong.  And that was to play more games, done 1 a week so far which is great and I’ve even got a ticket for a 1 day campaign gaming event at the start of next month!

The game I’ve been playing and got my event for is GodTear, so I’ve also been painting them up and finished my first little war band.  Which is lead by a one Morrigan an undead mage.

Lovely model to paint all those flowing robes where great to do. Slight negative however on these models were the mold lines, a lot more than I’m used to with GW models, hence some got left on 😦

And here is the obligatory I also painted the other side of the model shot.

To go along with her are 5 Cold Bones undead warriors really in somewhat rusted gear.

I found I really liked doing the aging metal on these, not had a force to do it on before really so great to try it out. The unit does not have a leader in game terms, but this guy was my favorite to do, the sculpt is just great so much character.

The group also has a little flag / totem / banner / marker thing which is use in the game to secure objectives, which I tried to do as Ice with a hint of the red to try in with the rest and to suggest a magical element.

So here they are all together, my first fully painted warband, I need 3 of these for a full game so thats what I’m trying to get done before my campaign day.

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