So I managed to finish off the last champion and follows I need for the 3 champ GodTear campaign event I going to next weekend. This one is called Mournblade.

Another Skelton type, so I did worn cloth, and corrosion on the armour. His in game attacks are called Soul Cleave so I painted the smoke coming of the sword in what I hope looks a mystical fashion.

His banner / totem is done in a similar vain. I must admit this one I find a little creepy.

His followers are called Knightshades and I more or less painted them as mini versions of the big man.

And here they are as their little squad.

Enjoyed doing the GodTear stuff recently and the Champaign Day next weekend has really inspired me to get all 3 champs I needed painted up for it.

The thing I really like about GodTear is the variety of paint schemes you can do in a force as each champ and little war band is a stand alone.

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