Finished off my leader for my Necromunda Goliath gang last night and managed to get some ok photos of him in the day light today. Thats 1 advantage of working from home lunch breaks are much more useful!

Since the last picks of him I’ve not done loads just put various corrosion on the metal parts and done the base.

I’ve added some water effect to the base as well. This is because I always imagine that the Necromunda lower levels would get a lot of liquid from above, any leaky pipe is going to result in a lot of liquid at the bottom of that massive structure. Also hence the rust.

The one bit I did do a little more work on was the Plasma pistol with a last highlight on the blue coils, and I’ve tried a bit of blue lighting on the pistol area to give the effect of a glow. Not sure on this might be too subtle, but I did not want it to stand out too much. Don’t think I’ll change it now though

16 thoughts on “The King is Done

      1. Yeah, I agree, and if he isn’t the leader and I were the leader, as leader I would be kind of worried about my future as leader. 🙂

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