So yesterday I also started off my latest GodTear model called as the title suggests Rangosh. He’s a sort of minotaur I believe. For those who don’t know are GodTear is a relatively new game from Steam Forge Games and I had really been enjoying painting prior to lock down.

Then the company did something I think is really amazing, they released a digital version of the game on TableTopia, for free with all the rules. So I had a game the other day against my regular opponent which really inspired me on it again.

The skin I just did a single coat of GW contrast black and I think I’m fairly happy with it. I’m sure it will need a bit of touching up after I do the rest of the areas.

The hair is also just a GW brown and again I rather like it.

The hoves and horns I did a different way to normal, coated a cream colour, layer up a lighter cream then highlight white then after all that put a light brown wash on.

Not sure what to do with the tattoo might try a glowing red not sure yet.

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