So tonight I’ve been back on the treeman. I was happy with the basic bark I did the other day but now I’ve tried to add in some details. Also silver birch (that I wanted to use as my reference tree have black on)

As you can see there is a lot of it on, so I tired to add this without lossing too much texture. Simply used diluted GW contrast black and I think its done what I wanted, although lighting in this photo seems to make it blacker than it is. When the model is done I’ll take some better pics in a light box.

Next up was mushrooms, leaves and green fungus / lichen stuff.

Still need to figure out what colour to do the eyes. For some reason I fancy doing each a diff colour, just not sure what yet.

Also tried to make the skirt / loin cloth / tabard / thing look like its autumn leaves, still wet from a wash and needs a highlight but getting there.

Next up is staff and sword.

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