So I have been working on my tree man again tonight and as the title may suggest I’ve been working on the sword. This I a weapon that I though just looked epic from the first time I saw the grey plastic, so then came the big problem how to paint part of a model you think is epic. I had already started with a blue/silver base scheme as I always think this blue silver looks elfy. Then I had a “great idea” put gold on blue / silver thats bound to work!

I did this by getting the lightest shade of gold I have and doing little lines over the base silver that had had a blue / grey wash on it.  Then highlighted / edge it with pure silver and added a little ectra blue wash in the resses.

I’m hoping this gives a sort of odd shimer gleam to the sword, a “fae” sword so to speak. I think I’m happy with it, everytime I look at it from a different angle it looks different so I suppose thats what I was after.

And I think this works with the rest of the bulk model being light colours.  The gem on the hilt I did using silver mixed with white for the lighter parts with a dot of white at the ends and a blue mixed with silver middle line.  This just needs a bit of gloss varnish over it when its dry to give a bit if extra shine.

So with the sword done that leaves the skirt to finish off the beard to sort out and the staff.  The staff worries me I’m still yet to have a plan, I wanted it a darker colour to counter the sword and the rest of the light colours of the model heynce the dark brown base coat. But other than that gotno ideas, I’ll have to get head scratching.

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