So today I finished the treeman / ent or as the little lad likes to call it “my stick man” I’ve been working on recently. The wife kindly got me this for our 5th wedding anniversary as that is the “wooden” anniversary and its been a real pleasure to paint.

What I really have liked is the freedom to paint it however I liked, normal my models are parts of larger armies and as such have set colour scheme / base scheme etc. So picking this up and just painting it however I liked was so refreshing.

I also used a lot of drybrushing which I don’t normally so that was nice to use some other methods.

I also decided to give it different coloured eyes, I dont realy know why but I though it somehow fit the model with its almost human but not all the way there form.

One of my favorite bits though has to be the mushrooms they were great to work on.

I had really enjoyed painting the sword at the time aswell but I less such of it now.

The base however was great fun and I’m very happy with, considering I had no real plan and made it up as I went along.

So thats this one done really and time to go in cabinet next too his 4 mates from years 1-4.

I would however like to submit it to Ann great community challange which I would also like to thank Ann for running, the March round up was a great post.

18 thoughts on “Stick Man

    1. Thankyou sir thats very kind of you. I would certainly recommend giving one a go, such a lovely model to paint. The only thing I did not like was the left arm options, hence the staff from right arm which was a bit of a pain to arm swap.

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