So I’ve just bought into a completely new game and scale! Dropzone Commander which is a 10mm scale sci-fi game, based around infantry and war machines battling over abandoned human cities, all being moved around by dropships.

I thought this change of scale might be really fun and I was in no way influenced by a Facebook advert, honest.

Anyway I got the Start set for the Post Human Republic (PHR) which are all cyborg types because they looked great to my eyes and set about starting to paint one.

And ruining one of the new toys I had just bought. Turns out a new scale is hard to work with! But on the plus side this model was an extra in the boxes looks like they put and extra spur in by mistake. So a messed up free model.

On the extra plus side this came with a second turret option, so I figured lets use that for a second go at a paint scheme. I also tried to use my brain this time turns out that helps.

Much happier with this, still needs the last wash to dry and a gloss over the cock pit area but a lot better. So below is how I got here, as ever with these this is as much for me as anyone else but any points or suggestions are welcome.

Based 3 different shades of blue and then a little highlight on each area.
These are the base blues and highlights, yhe white at the top is for the cockpit area.
Simple blue wash over all the area, but a black might of been better.
The re-highlight the areas using the same colours just to a lesser extent.
Blue glaze over the cockpit takes a couple of coats, needs glossing as well.
Silver base and lighter highlight on guns and other metal areas.
Simple black wash over the metal areas.

So they we go first test bit done that I’m happy with, next up trying to paint a model with this style!

10 thoughts on “Dropping into Dropzone Commander

      1. I’m dead pleased that you remembered them! πŸ™‚ I did paint them differently from those I painted years ago, but I was happy enough with the result! However, one thing I’ve never mastered is painting people smaller than 20mm scale – I just can’t get a style that I’m happy with, so whereas ships and aircraft in smaller scale I’m OK with, people are out unfortunately!

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