So I finished the Marine Squad I’ve been working on and managed to get some photos in daylight which is always nice!

This squad are armed with closer range weapons and hence I tried to use the more “running” style legs and gave the sargent a sword.

I also wanted a grittier look than my long range squad, hence the head choices. I also gave the some red for close support colour rather than green for long range.

So here they ate with the other squad from the 5th battle company. Which I’m going to do as all the larger Primaris marines and leave my 3rd battle company to the older normal marines.

I’m happy with this idea of keeping the forces slightly apart with them being different companies of the same army. So I can chage the colours a little to fit with the bigger models but still keep my first decade old sci-fi army going. The 5th battle company has some work to do though before its as sizable as the 3rd!

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