So I’ve been painting a bit more Necromunda stuff and this one is a truly inspired model, whoever though about making a crocodile that lives in a hive city and is a pet of a gang leader and is injected with combat drugs was clearly inspired!

I did however take some time to figure out how I was going to paint it, and then I saw a great post which is one of the many great post by The Wargaming Bear and has a Coconut Crab paint scheme which is a very “dotty” paint scheme. So I thought that might work for this model, but what colours to use again had me wondering.

So then I read a book to my little lad and inspiration finally hit, from the “dotty” crocodile in this book!

And so I give you Solomon the Goliaths pet crocodile.

I still need to finish the base off but I think the model itself is done. When I’ve done the base I’ll try to get some better photos in day light.

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