So I’m trying to get back into Warhammer, my first army for this was High Elves and I played these a lot.  Well this Age of Sigma and the rest of the setting High Elves went and where replaced with, well new highelves with a different name Lumineth Realm-Lords.

The name I must say I find a bit silly, but the models are in my eyes at least great.  They are what highelves should of always been, so I bought a mage and a unit of spearmen (again they have odd names now that I might remember one day, but not this day).

Putting them together was rather odd, as although they are multiple part plastic, there was minimal choice, just head and sheild choices, no option on position of arms weapons etc. as is common in MPP.  Sort of reminded me more of metal models really.  But I did manage to do changes to the champion.

So then it came down to a paint scheme, now I still wanted to maintain the spirit of my high elves in the new models so I looked at my favorite ones from that old force, they are bellow.  As you can see lots of green armour, with reds and yellow for cloth.

So I came up with a colour scheme and here it is below, as you can see this is just some base colours no washes etc yet.  And it is bright but I think I like it so far, I think I do anyway.

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