So tonight I managed to finish Rangosh, like his follows I finished last night he has been sat on the side almost done since May and took really very little to finish him off.

In a lot of respects a surprisingly simple model only 5 colours on him really. Bits of this model were faffy (is that a real word?) the metal studs on the leather cords of his skirt seemed surprisingly fiderly. And the metal links of the wip where just awkward to paint, any way the model was held seemed to still be the wrong way! But with that said I’m happy with the end result.

Just got to sort these bases out now, so thanks for the suggestion on the pior post, starting to get an idea of what might work now so will start doing a bit of playing around.

13 thoughts on “Here is a cow

      1. Huh, that is pretty neat that the skin turned out looking so good with such little effort. I might have to try that on something sometime as an experiment and see if I get similar results.

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      2. The contrast paints are good in my opinion for these sort of natural surfaces with lots variation on, Less good on more “manufactured” type surfaces with hatd edges. Also the base colour needs to be decent and very light. But yep easy to use.

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  1. Nicely done, I’ll look forward to seeing how you base it. When I read the title to your post, for some reason my brain was expecting actually cattle for some reason. 🙂

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      1. It’s ok maybe I’ll go on Youtube or something and try and find some soothing videos involving herds of cows or something. 🙂

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