So this little unit have been … Well a bit of a pain, they have the award of being sat part painted for longest on my desk.

They also really got me confused about thier bases. I had planned to use a cracked paint alongside some sand and grass after some kind suggestions on the last post. But after putting the sand on they looked like they did not need the grass. But then the bigger boss base might look a bit bare, but then it might be ok! I don’t know anymore.

Then I tried to take photos of them and again I’m struggling nothing seems to look right regardless of the background colour I use in my light box. And the pics I took outside in the daylight where all a bit fuzzy (it was cold think I was shivering).

So after all that here are some photos.

Only photo outside that I was not shacking in!
White background seems to make big chap skin a bit dark
Green seems to give the models good colour but also clashes
Black seems to make his horns shinny

So if anyone has any thoughts on the bases that would be grand, people think they are ok or need a little more.

Also anyone have any good photo tips that would be great! Below a few extra photos.

13 thoughts on “The troublesome one

  1. I like those bases as they are! 🙂 Not sure adding anything more would look right, but that might just be me! If it was desert/wasteland, I’d maybe add an animal skull or some bones on one or two bases only, but not even sure I’d add anything to be honest! And afraid I can’t help with photography at all!

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    1. Thanks John. He is from the “Broken Plains” so yer a skull could work thanks for the idea.
      I hate the photography, its the one bit of blogging that winds me up, the work in progress ones are fine as they are just quick but these finished ones never look good enough to me.

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  2. I like the bases a lot, I might be too used to the games workshop style of black rim/sides for the bases but since they are not so high the red looks really good!

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    1. Thankyou, the red is different, but in GoodTear there are 4 different colour hero’s and its fairly critical to the point that that is the plastic colour they make them in. So thought I sort of should keep some red on.

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  3. Personally I would leave the bases as they are. Thy look good to me and are no distraction as my eye goes straight to the figures, which look great by the way. I feel your pain with the photo’s. Group shots are the hardest I find, too much for the lense to focus on when trying to do close ups.

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    1. Thankyou for the kind words and advice on the bases.
      Perhaps thats the issue on the photos the fact its a group, I was having trouble with lighting as well. I prefer daylight but that seems to be a rare commodity in the north west of England at present!

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