So as the year draws to a close its time to take stock of what I did with my hobby this year. One of the things I really like about blogging is that I now have a record of what I painted in a year, which allows me to get it all out and put it on a table!

A large enough group at least that it made taking a decent photo of it impossible (or at least for me with a phone camera). A few things that struck me was that its a decent number if models (well for me anyway) and the fact that I used a lots of different colour schemes.

Interestingly I struggled to find a “worse model” I’m actually fairly happy with them all, which is very positive really. Favorite model however was easy to pick out, Stick Man!

I loved painting this one, the fact that it was silver birch inspired and enough of that present to my eye, just great fun to do.

Perhaps the must upsetting model was actually the 1 nid I painted, not because of how he turned out I really like it, but because it was for our local gaming store monthly painting competition. I had honestly aimed to enter them all an yet this was the only one I did. Local look down stopped them for a while before they moved online, but this all sort of threw me and hence I did not enter any more 😦

The start of this year really saw me get a lot of painting done with GodTear being painted up before a tornament I went to at the start of Feb and I very pleased with how they went.

Although I should point out that big minotaur at the back I bought at said tournament part painted it then it sat there most of the year which is rather odd for me.

Necromunda continues to plod along, 1 model last year, 3 this year, hey by 2025 I might have a gang! I suppose I just need a kick for these which never fully happens for some reason.

My marines have however start to pick up speed with me finally getting my head round how to paint them, I hope to do a lot more to these in 2021.

I also restarted an army this year in the form of GW new High Elves, I loved these, High Elves above everything else I have ever painted sit the best with me. The just work for me on so many levels and these new models are something else, I will definitely be getting more of these at some point, some cavalry at least. As a note I need to change the colour of the base rings on these and most up pics with there bases done as ‘ve not done that yet.

And finally my newest army Dropzone Commander PHR which I’m rather into at present!

So what do I want to do in 2021? Well more marines, Dropzone and High Elves. I’d also like to do some more chaos, none at all this year. And me and my brother have agreed to try do a diorama each, so that should be fun!

The little lad helped me put my models out so decided he want a annual round up as well. Which I thought was great! And was more than happy to help with he even took photos using his own camera, but I also decided to take a quick pic of it, not bad for a 4 year old!

I hope everyone has had a good hobby year (lets just not talk about real life and pretend that side of 2020 did not happen) and I wish everyone a great hobby 2021!

8 thoughts on “2020 round up

  1. A great collection of sets of models for 2020 there, mate! I especially like the treeman and the carnifex (I hope to find more pics of the Carni as I go back). Congrats to the little dude as well! You’ll soon have him basecoating your models for you so you can concentrate on the more fun stuff! 😉

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  2. A very nice round up with some great looking figures. It is easy to forget just how much is achieved over a year but the blog certainly helps and you clearly managed to get a great deal done. Hopefully 2021 will be an even better year. 🙂

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