So this new years eve me and the better half (Tragic Fan Girl) did some painting until the new year, as we were not allowed to go anywhere or see anyone due to local restrictions. But not just and models, we did our joint army of Bretonians for Warhammer, that we bought after our very first holiday together.

This army was inspired by said holiday where we went to Northumbria, and saw loads of castles and even some displays of medieval warfare. We also got really wet, like flash floods across the UK while camping in a “2 man” tent wet. So we call the holiday of early and got these models on the remember it by.

Well they have sort of sat around with little work done to the until tonight (that is a far few years really). I worked on the hero for the force while the other half did some men at arms.

This is how far I got, had to stop there as the washes had not dried, I’ll try to finish him off sooner rather than later I think.

Anyway Happy new year all!

9 thoughts on “Seeing the new year in with Paint Brush in Hand

    1. It was her idea! Its nice to use are seperat skills, so I’m doing the knights with my cleaner paint scheme and she is doing the men at arms with here darker paint style!
      But there are negatives of having a wife into the hope, they put you to shame with having better models!

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