So the little lad kindly bought me Skaven model for my birthday that I’ve just finished off today.

The model is great, the masive silly rocket he has the pose with the manic laugh is just great. I really like the pipe he is standing on.

The brass / copper on his back was done by doing a brown contrast over silver, which was a bit of an experiment that I happy with and will try to do more with soon! Other than that I’ve painted him up to match the rest of my Skaven with crazzy weapons.

I also took the time to fix a few of his minions that had got broke at some point and do a base for the Doom Wheel that has been painted for ages but with no base.

Got one more of these type of Skaven to do which I hope to get on with soon as they been sat around for ages, and I forgot how much I enjoyed painting them in there messy style.

Edit. After the better half reminded me here is a pick of his eye, which I painted while listening to an IRO podcast, I assume this is how his eye looks while making his crazy conversions.

17 thoughts on “Rocket Rat

  1. You really, really missed an opportunity here to share an extreme close-up of his eye!!
    They all look great though and the square bases bring back fond memories.

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