So while doing my round up post for 2020 I realised 2 things, firstly I had never posted my Elves after finishing there bases, and secondly I did not like the rim colour I had chosen.

So I’ve now gone for a darker brown rim and managed to get some pics in daylight!

I’m very happy with how these have turned out, its even close to what I had in my head!

For the bases I wanted a very dry setting, survaner in the dry season. Which I think has come out ok, I liked the crackel affect paint a lot.

Below is the paints I used for the bases mainly so I can repeat them for the next unit in this force, but if anyone has alternative suggestions I’m all ears.

Base painted Rhino Hide all over, then areas of Agrellan earth (crackel paint) and other Armageddon Dust (paint with sand in) wash the dust only with Agrax Earthshade. Drybrush all Terminatus Stone then Balor Brown.

Grass tuffs are Mordheim tuffs washed Seraphiane Sepia, dry brushed Zamesi Desert then Ushabti Bone.

Any stones / broken masonry base coated Karaken Stone, Seraphine Sepia wash, dry brush long beard grey then praxeti white.

Base rimed in Doombull brown.

10 thoughts on “Better late than nevelf

    1. Thanks John, I wonder if you bases had inspired me without me realizing, as I remember realy wanting this dry but some bits of grass look when I started but was never sure why. And now you say it I can see the similarity!

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    1. Thanks Pete, the very first Highelves I ever bought (a lomg time ago the plastic single pose archers and spearmen) I decided to paint the armour green, I think I have now finally got it how I imagined it all those years ago!

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    1. Thanks TIM I was pleased with them. On the photo front after reading that article you linked me to I think its lighting that I was really struggling with, and its still an issue inside, living near Manchester also means getting outside photos where its not raining can be tricky but this weekend we had some good weather, so you guys get good quality photos 🙂

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  1. Those have come out really well, the colour scheme really suits them. Got anything else planned for this project? I’m picturing one of the mountain cows (moontains?) in that scheme…

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    1. I own the hero floating on a rock, but it has no paint on yet as I can not get my head around where each colour would go, I think its the horns and rock that have thrown me. Next purchase for it I think might be the cavalry I really like the look of them.
      I’m not sure about the moontain yet its an odd model (I will steal that name thought!).

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