So I’ve finished my first Bretonian knight, its only been sat around modeled up and sprayed white for around 14 years or so! This is the model I was painting as I saw 2021 in and I’ve now finished him off.

Now finishing this model ended be different than I had first thought, and I blame this on TIM and IRO. (If you don’t know these fine hobbyists please look at their blogs both produce some top notch models but both in different ways). So I was listening to a pod cast by IRO where he was interviewing TIM, and some TIM said really made me think. He was talking about making a model trully yours, either by doing conversions so that it was unique or by doing free hand on it. Well I often do what I would call minor conversions so for example this models actually uses a Pegasus body rather than a standard horse, hence the placement of the sheilds and the riders right hand should be holding a standard not a lance.

I had also already done some free hand, but nothing I would call too complex just copying the cup symbol from his cloak to other parts on him. But if I wanted to do a trully unique TIM had discoused I felt I needed to go further. So I had a look at a book of medieval patterns and that gave me some inspiration.

So what I decided to try and do was paint a pattern into the cloth on the back.of the horse that looked like it was partnered cloth, so I wanted subtle colour changes and to keep the flow of the cloth looking correct, and this is what I got.

Not perfect, the circles are not round enough (or at least not even) but to my eyes at least it looks like a cloth pattern so fairly happy, ofcourse doing on the second side is always harder!

I also put something on the cloth at the end of his lance.

So not what I had expected to do with the model but I happy with it and glad to of tried something a little different. So big thanks to TIM and IRO for the inspiration!

The base I tried to do to resemble a muddy field, not sure the mud bit has worked perfectly but its ok, and the snail more than makes up for it!

And incase anyone is wondering about the clear plastic, I had to use it to get it to stand up like that. Not idealy but not to bade for a 14 or so year old conversion!

28 thoughts on “What a snail

  1. Lovely, and using my favourite Bretonnian bit – the snail! Nice sense of drama with the horse surprised by/avoiding the snail. Always wanted to try a ‘diaper’ pattern on my shields but it never came out right.

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    1. Thanks, I’m glad you like the snail, it is a great little mini, I have a second in the force so keep an eye out for it!.
      First time I’ve tried to free hand a pattern they are not easy, I think its the fact that its so hard to repeat the bit of the pattern the same shape size every time. But like you I recon they can look great if you can pull it of.

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      1. He was a foot knight champion leading the revolting peasants. He’s languishing in a box somewhere but I now feel inspired for a rescue and repair.

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  2. Wow what an excellent figure you have done here. So pleased to see you had a crack at some free hand and I think what you did looks excellent. The patterned cloth really works very well indeed. Hopefully you found adding your own stamp to it, and thereby making it truly unique, very satisfying, it sounds as if it did. Looking forward to now seeing you come up with even more ideas. Thanks for the shout out. 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you like it, I was still a little unsure on the cloth but its growing on me. I did indeed enjoy it even search for a pattern to use was fun.
      I’ve got some ideas for a black knight forming so see how that goes so we will see how that goes!
      And Thankyou sir for the inspiration to try something a little different.

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  3. Really nice! 🙂 Considering how long you’ve had the model, having the snail on the base is a nice touch. Funnily enough I’m working on two vehicles at the moment which I think have sat around the longest in their primed state and I’m reckoning at least 10 years for them!

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  4. Steady on speed painter! Sometimes a miniature just needs to mature, like a fine wine or a cheese. This one has certainly been worth the wait, I really like what you’ve done with that patterned cloth.

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  5. Excellent post mate, and not just because you mentioned little old me haha. Brilliant work on the knight. I love the colours you went for and the conversion of the Pegasus is perfect because, straight away, I was thinking “that ain’t no ordinary horse” hehe. Keep up the great work man.

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