So the other day I put a post up about a large walker I had painted for Dropzone Commander, which included a photo of its “underside” which I had painted and it was rather fiddly with lots of details, now my good friend for the Shetlands Bogenwald – Random painting and terrain making. kindly pointed out just how much of a wasted effort that had probably been. Of course he was almost certainly correct, I don’t exactly inspect the underside of other peoples models that often either!

I did however realise that this wasted effort is nothing compared to the wasted effort of past forces, specifically the vehicle arm of my Space Marine force the Templars of Righteousness, these got painted some time ago not really sure when.

Now from this picture you may think there is nothing pointless about painting tanks, they are big easy to see models after all. It is also not the underside of the vehicles, I can report I have not spent loads of effort on this. No in fact it is the inside of these vehicles that I of course spent ages on, because that so critical to how the look on a table top or in a display cabinet!.

So the first is a Rhino transport, this Rhino was used to transport my veteran squad that have white helmets hence the inclusion of some spare helmets added to the interior!

The larger Land Raider transport also detailed interior, including the rear engine board, I also painted writing on the inside of the door hatch for some reason as well!

The drop transport also got a painted inside, which might be less pointless as I do sometimes open it up when it lands in a game, so perhaps that should not be on this post, but I did not want it to feel left out.

Now that might seem like a lot of effort for no real reason to some people, but hay that’s nothing I actually decided to convert the inside of the Predator tank, as the back actually looks the same as the Rhino transport, but it can not carry passengers as its full of ammunition and batteries etc. So that needed modelling on:

The Whirlwind support launcher got a similar treatment with extra missiles and fixing equipment in it.

The finally model is the Dreadnought, so for anyone not versed in 40K lore, a Dreadnought is actually a life support system for a warrior that is too critically injured to live outside of it, but then this “sarcophagus” as the life support box is known is attached to a walking fighting machine. So the normal models just has a front plate of the sarcophagus with a lens slit in. But no not mind I decided to convert a critically injured marine inside with wires and all, but this was too good to cover up so I gave him a clear sarcophagus lid, made out of a blister pack if I remember correctly.

So big thanks to Bogenwald – Random painting and terrain making. for reminding me of all this pointlessness I had done in the past, its been nice getting the models out and taking photos of them all!

14 thoughts on “Really rather pointless!

  1. They look brilliant, looks like a lot of work went into those interiors! Tbh the last Rhino I assembled had its rear hatch glued shut- I just couldn’t face painting the innards again 😄

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  2. Most of my old GW transports go a quick lighter colored interior color and dry brush, as most of the time the ramps where dropped to show that troopers had disembarked. I did try to detail my Valkyrie drop ship, but alas, if you don’t pick it up and “look” deeply into the small openings to see any of the detail.
    Nice job on the interiors, by the way. And remember, if you know the details are painted, then that is all that counts!

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  3. From a gaming perspective I can see that some of the areas painted might be considered a waste of time but as someone who paints figures and does dioramas I would, and do, have to paint everything just to be on the safe side. Model looks great.

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  4. “Pointless” is very much a matter of perspective. As pure gaming pieces – sure. But then taking that to it’s logical conclusion for maybe a pure turney player who doesn’t enjoy painting or modelling – anything more than 3 base colours and a wash is pointless. I don’t get to play nearly as often as I’d like – and that was pre-covid, yet I paint hundreds of models each year. I mean, is basically everything I paint aside from those boardgame models I’ve used in the past year pointless?
    To me – and clearly to you as well given how much effort you’ve put into these models – the painting and modelling hobby is not only a means to an end, but an end in itself. Those people who paint and model all of the Tamiya, etc models, the 54mm crowd, train hobbyists, and so forth.

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    1. You are of course correct, the painting and modeling for me is important. What I sort of find funny is I was always a Warhammer man and when I got 40K I was just going to paint them quick and easy to play with, I guess that changed somewhere!

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