So I’ve been working on my Space marines again and finished off one of the Primaris with a melta weapon. For those not into 40K lore a metla guns are close range anti tank weapon. This chap has a rather large one!

The green and red combo on the helmet is perhaps a month or so late, but hay! But there is loci to why these are chosen which I’ll go over when there is a full force shoot in a later post when is squad is done. I also had to come up with a squad symbol for these guys, so the easiest way to do that is of course ask a 4 year old! His suggestion “lava” as that would melt the nasty tanks! Well that seemed rather logical to me So then how on earth do I draw a simple version of that in only black and white? well I came up with this, which is a bit hard to see as the arm mean its on its side, but I think it sort of looks like a volcano exploding, its still waiting the seal of approval however as the little lad is in bed, the great imagination obviously tiering him out!

Recently I’ve read a few posts where people have explained how they paint, TIMs eye method, is the ne I can remember but I think there has been a few more recently. Anyway I find these rather interesting to see how different people paint! And as this is now becoming a “standard” method that I paint these Space Marines with I thought I’d share how I’ve done it, it would be interesting if any bits are really different to how others would approach it.

So first of I spray the model white from a spray can, normally fairly badly to be honest, then for the black amour I paint it a dark grey and dry brush it a lighter grey:

After that a nice messy coat of GW contrast Black is applied and that is it for most of the armour!

After that its the rest of the base apart from the gold and white. I use a really light grey for the joints like the back of the knee so it stands out against the black amour, and Rakarth flesh for the paper of the purity seal as I think this works very well for paper. I also ended painting part of the helmet normal black when I realised I’d missed it from the above step, there is always a bit I miss!

After that its a nice messy black wash, I let this go over the edges a bit onto the armour as it helps tie it all in, note photo when its still wet, and out of focus apparently 😦

Then I go onto my new way to paint the gun, which is just a GW contrast over the silver (that has been washed), I think this gives a really nice bronzy / brass effect! I paint the gold bits up and the white with an off white, I also started the blue on the eye lenses and the grey in the pick was to highlight the bits on the face I had messed up before!

I then use the lighter brown wash GW sell over all the gold and around the edges of the white, not too much here just a bit.

Then its the best step, finish it! this step uses a few paints really but is sort of quick, each area (not the black) just gets 1 or 2 (or even 3 in the case of the greedy green) lighter shades put on it to try to give a bit of extra depth. I use a gloss varnish just on the lenses, and the black to do the bits of scroll work.

So people please let me know if this is similar to how you would all do it or not!

10 thoughts on “Squad Lava!

  1. That mini looks awesome (it nearly auto corrected to awful there.. I am so glad I noticed!) I love the red and green helmet. I have done Contrast over silver before, but never a brown… guess what I will be trying very soon. That colour looks great.

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  2. Nice mini, and the gun has come out really well using your method! 🙂 As you probably know from me by now, I couldn’t use a wash on figures if my life depended on it, but I can usually get away with a grubby wash on vehicles!

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