So I put this model together some years ago now, the pose was inspire by Anne Bonny from Black Sails (a great TV series if anyone has not seen it), as I felt the pose captured her attitude and moved it into a 40K setting. I seem to remember the conversion being a pain due to the arm swap under the coat, but its to long ago for me to remember exactly what I did as after the conversion this models has simply sat on a shelf for an age. But it was Leadballoony Fembruary challenge that inspired me to paint it so thanks for the push!

The paint scheme itself came slowly and painfully, I think this is because I still wanted a nod to the realistic clothing type of Black Sails that had inspired the model, but at the same time wanted the model to “pop.” I mean by this that the model should stand out on a table top and draw they eye in, bright and or contrasting colour I find do this very easily but then the model can look too cartoon like up close. A tricky balance and its what made the first base colours go on slow.

But after I finally got those colours on the model almost finished itself, it was just great model with lovely detail and a joy to paint off once that tricky bit had been done.

Also a big thankyou to Wudugast for talking about how they do their bases, I’ve used a variant of their method they did on Yolanda Skorn to come up with this base and I very happy with it.

Also been trying to put a bit more effort into faces and I think its starting to pay off.

Over all I’m certainly happy that this model got painted as its sat around far to long, I’m also very happy how it turned out I think I got a level of “pop” out of the table with realistic look about what I was after so happy there. If I’m being critical then the swords are a bit “meh” but also I did not want them to draw away from the centre of the model, but they perhaps still needed more attention than I gave them. The base rim may also need a second coat of black looking at the photos, so I will probably do that next time I’m painting a base, but yer on the whole happy.
I have not idea when she will get extension to her squad however, will just have to see I suppose.

17 thoughts on “Come get some

  1. She looks fantastic, you’ve done a great job on her face especially and the little bits of subtle patterning on the feathers and cloth are really nice. Glad my thoughts on Necromunda basing were helpful and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the gang, as and when you get around to them. 🙂

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