So tonight between gluing some new models and putting some paint on my goblin wolf riders I actually managed to finish 2 Chaos Dogs. These I base painted with dog number 1 so just a case of layering up and adding the armies themed blood!

Also as an aside does any know any good shops to order 54mm (if thats the next size up from 28mm) metal Napoleonic (if thats Sharpe era) models from in the UK, preferably in metal?

15 thoughts on “Two, Three

  1. Those Chaos Dogs are great! 🙂 And probably the size of our real dogs (Chihuahuas)! Irregular Miniatures are always worth a look at for figures and they have ranges in 42mm and 54mm. Their style is simplified a little, but I like their 20mm and 25/28mm figures and the prices are usually not bad!

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  2. Loving the Chaos hounds, I might get a pair of these for my predator, the Prodos ones I bought look nice but are stupidly small. The only one I know of is Irregular miniatures. Victrix do some 54mm Napoleonic but they are resin from what I remember.

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      1. Ok – I need to work out which box they’re in first of course (and not get distracted by whatever I find in there!) but I really ought to rescue them; a dog is for life, not just for Chaos after all.

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