So recently I picked up a slightly different model for me, a historical model and in 54mm! Firstly a thanks to Pete, John and TIM (sorry if I forgot anyone) on suggestions on where to get this.

The reason for this sudden change for hobby direction I blame on my Dad, and I think this is fairly reasonable, as the model is for him! As my Dad is a keen reader of historical fiction its a Rifle Man that would fit nicely into one of Bernard Cornwell fiction.

Now the model is mainly base coated and washed, but the uniform looked a little to light so there is some contrast green on that to try to darken it, also making it a bit shinny in the photos as its still wet. So while that was drying I thought I’d try to sort the head out.

So for my first ever 54mm head I’m fairly happy, the eye colour and hair where request. Still a long way to go but feel like its making progress. I must say working to a defined colour scheme seems to be adding more pressure than I’m used too!

10 thoughts on “Getting A-head

  1. Very nice so far! πŸ™‚ I’m impressed with the face overall and the eyes in particular! I’m thinking Jenn had some influence in this choice so she could use a picture of a painted rifleman in her Sharpe book reviews! πŸ˜‰

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    1. I like the eyes as well. I have never read the books but I love the television movies. That electric guitar music in the opening just screams Napoleonic Wars to me! πŸ™‚

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    2. Thanks John! I’ve found the bigger scale makes faces a lot easier actually.
      She did not, it was all my dad’s choice, well he said this one or one from a Highland regiment, but I was out of tarten paint πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks Pete, I’m not sure, I’m finding it a bit tricky, for example on the top of the hat there is a little green plume but this is attached to the hat with a metal pin with some material around it which is the same colour as the hat (or at least inall the pics I can find on Google). I would never paint it the same colour on a fantasy mini as it “looks wrong” to my eye, but I can not exactly change a uniform collur so really struggling to get it to work for me. Currently is just a slightly lighter shade to the rest of yhe hat so it can be seen but I’m not sure how happy I am on it.
      So will have to see how many more times I find bits like that I suppose.

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