So I’ve finished off the 54mm rifleman sargent that I’m painting for my Dad after his sudden intrest in the hobby. Its been an intresting experience painting this. I like the larger scale, the face was so much nicer to do than on 28mm as was the cloth. But I’m still not a fan of metal, I think I’ve just been spoilt with high quality plastic for too many years, I just find the actual sticking together process of metal a lot harder.

The other odd one for me is this is possible the first time I have ever stuck to someone else’s paint scheme. I’ve always just made stuff up before so an actual real world uniform was odd, and I’m not entirely sure if its fully correct or not.

One thing to note on the photos is that the green is not as shiny in real life, I have no idea why it looks shiny on the photo and not in real life but it does.

Other than that not much to say, hope my Dad likes it when he gets it, might have to wait till restrictions are lifted so I can take it to him, not sure I trust it in the post! Enjoy so pics of it!

16 thoughts on “Almost sharp

    1. Thanks Jon glad you like him!
      Its odd, I was not expecting either to be a problem, I’ve painted metal models before but not for ages.
      But it was nit till so far through I realized I had never painted a ser uniform!

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  1. F…k mate so good ! I bet your dad will be so chuffed ! you wouldn’t know but this mob is my favorite bunch of NAPPY lads and I have read all of the Sharpe’s books long ago as I would imagine you dad has !! brill mate, a big pat on the back from this old boy, matey I could not have done such a good paint job like you have and I’ve been painting for years! HA HA !

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    1. Thankyou! My Dad was happy with the pics, not been able to take him the model yet due to Covid and I don’t want to pop it in the post.
      I’ve watched all the Sharp Series and read the first 3 books set in India.
      You are correct my Dad has read them all!

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