So I’ve finished my aggressors, these are by far the chunkyiest infantry midels I’ve ever done. They really are brutish models that feel like they could walknl through hell and come out the other side still firing. And hence their sargent got a very “Duke Nuckem” style face / hair.

Oddly they actually look bigger from behind, as this is where a lot of the gear for their weaponry sits.

The paint style was vey much as standard for this force now with the inverted colour for the sargent. Now the unit symbol for this group was causing me some pain so thanks for all the suggestions, I did try them all out on a bit of paper with some coming out better than others.

I ended up picking the star sign style bull head, as I felf this had the correct level of implied power and I felt I could paint it 3 times!

Now I did try to get a pic of the whole force but the pics I took just did not work, but I did get a good one of all the Sargents with the current command of the force.

One thing the eagle eyed amoung you might spot is that the knee pads are all different, this is actually intended! So the colours all represent different functions.

Blue being “battle line” area holders

Red being close quaters troops

Green being fire support

And purple being command function.

Withe the main colour beimg their main role and the smaller colour at the top being how they do that role. I find this a nice way to add a bit of colour and make the squads look different while still keeping a very organized military idea in the force.

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