So I’ve now finished the Elven Wizard that I started a bit back. The sculpt is one of the newer gravity defying sculpts that Games Workshop are now doing and is rather impressive espically when you realise how little of the model touches the base. Also I half have the feeling the sculpture was having a bit of a joke on the whole “should models be on scenic bases or not” argument. Mainly as a get around to the well they would not be stood there all battle.

So paint wise I kept the yellow and orange on the cloth from my spearmen unit, but gave this chap (I think its a chap, never sure with elves) grey armour as a nod to his chosen aspect to follow being the mountain spirit.

I kept the statue the same colour as his armour and the craved rock the same colours as the stones to get a little balance in the model and reduce the need for more colours. I’m fairly happy withe the base/rock being subdued colours I think it helps show the mage off.

The cap really was asking for some free hand so got a mountain, I did a little work on this since the work in progress post mainly add some yellow.

I was pleased with the cap, I know its not perfect but is was a sort of spare of the moment think and has ended up looking close enough to how I envisaged it I think I can say I’m happy with it!

I also picked up some more Elves at the weekend so expect to see more for this force in the future. I also need to get on with the map for the world they are set in.

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