So after a bit of a painting slump I got the paints back out tonight and finished off my Space Marine Liberian I had been doing, parts of the base are just drying so I hope to get some flock on that and blogged about tomorrow!

But I was also working on a rather large model for me Elves a “Spirit of the Mountain” I started on the fur and hoofs (hoves? One of them) and the rocks on top so the more plain colours. I think this one might take a while but I’m enjoying it so far!

10 thoughts on “Back on the … Cow Mountain

  1. This model is impressive in its scale and while I can’t quite accept that a bull is associated with elves (because I’m stuck in the past), I can’t argue with the quality of the sculpt either! Its great to see what you’re working on and I look forward to more updates πŸ™‚ I should have an update on my elven project soon myself so hopefully we can both stay motivated on these time consuming projects.

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    1. I know what you mean on bulls with Elves, if goes against the grain a bit, however I have more or less managed to see the Realm Lords as a different faction not just Highelves.
      And I’ve managed 3 night in a row now to get a little bit of paint on it each night so big thanks for the initial inspiration!
      And I do look forward to seeing how your Elves are going.

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