For my Primaris battle company I’ve been trying to grow it organically, recently I have found this notation a really enjoyable part of the hobby. And as such I felt it was time the force got an addition to its officers in the form of a specialist, a Librarian aka a space wizard for those not in the know on this setting.

Many parts of the colour scheme where dictated via the rest of the force, all officers will wear gold, armour, purple is knee pads showing a battlefield command role. But the main choice was the Red Force sword, I felt this would stand out but not be to jarring as its next to purple on the old colour wheel, I also hoped the blue pipes in the opposite hand would help balance it out.

The front of the model and the sword where great to work on, so many little cool details, the book, keys a padlock, cloth robe, leather belt its was lovely to paint.

However the back was different, it’s mainly a plain cloak. This in itself is fine, I had decided I wanted it plain in colour due to all the strong colours elsewhere so I went for a grey. But then I had this great idea of painting a symmetrical “summon/warding” style circle on it. Of course I never tested this out first no just got the black out and went about it.

So after 5 minutes I had a none symmetrical pattern on the cloak that vaguely looked like a 3 year old attempt at a flower (and not a gifted 3 year old at that!). Perhaps I should of looked at some reference pics first, or attempted it on paper first or just realised from the off that this was not a good idea.

So the model has sat in that sorry state for a few month then yesterday I just decided to paint over the pattern all together and did the symbols on the bottom instead, not what I had in mind but a lot better than my first effort.

So Nathal the Librarian got there in the end, and I feel works with the other units in the force colour scheme wise, standing out as a spellcaster should but still feeling part of the force.

And in turn my little force is starting to grow in size, next up I think its time for an elite unit to join the fray.

16 thoughts on “It’s a kind of magic … space magic

  1. He’s brilliant! 🙂 I really do like the colour combinations, but particularly the purple and gold! And, if you haven’t already got one, your force could use a dreadnought (on the basis that you can never have too many dreadnoughts)!

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    1. Thanks John, gold and purple is a classic!
      Currently I have 6 unpainted infant models I’d like to do first but I am think some form of vehicle next, not sure if I should go Dreadnought or a tank, need to have a good think on it.

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  2. He looks great, and the cloak lining is really well done (as is the cloth texture effect!) Also seeing your golden captain again reminds me how much I need to get back onto working on my Primaris Celestial Lions and Minotaurs Captains!

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    1. Cheers man and yep they are, I think that might of been how they started in Rouge Trader days, I think I read an article on the subject the other day although I don’t recall where 😞


  3. I agree with everyone else. The Librarian came out well and you made sound decisions on the cloak. I like the freehand along the bottom. The sword is very eye-catching too and I’m sure it will scare some enemies away on the battlefield!

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