So the other day I was working on Styx Lord of Hounds, so I thought it might be worth while painting a Hounds for him to be the Lord of!

This is a 3 headed “Hell Hound” type, so I wanted to keep dark colours, I tried to do some of this with contrast black over a dark grey main and brown body. It worked OK but needed some more layering up on the body and dry brushing on the hair.

I also did the eyes green to try in to the spot colour on Styx and as these models are the “Green” type (coming in green plastic) for the game I use them in.

I found this model rather hard to photograph, the 3 heads I think causing the problem, but the painting went well.

The dog is a fair size model as well, that’s a 50mm base both the doggy and Styx are on. Still got 1 more dog to do, it’s started and is very similar I just inverted the colours so black body brown main. And the a flag/totem thing and then it’s on to the bases!

10 thoughts on “A Hound to be Lorded

  1. I wasn’t expecting Cerberus to come with this faction but I think the three-headed dog fits in well. I like the dark color scheme you chose too. It looks nice and grim, as it should!

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