So tonight I finished my second (and final) 3 headed dog, and as such Styx can have is correct title of “Lord of Hounds”. This one I followed the same idea as the first I just inverted the colours, so a black/grey body with bark brown fur. Which I think keeps the pair looking like a pair but means I did not just have to do a copy and paste job.

As with the last one I found this a pain to photograph with the 3 heads messing up the focus.

Together I think they work rather well if I do say so myself. Just got the little totem/flag/marker that he needs to play GodTear and the bases. I’m currently undecided on the base, I’m think a light sand with some stones the same colour as the staff (the bit where his hand is holding) as if its a ancient broken temple. The light colour of the sand I hope should off set the dark of the models. But still thinking on this so any ideas are welcome!

15 thoughts on “Now A Lord of Hounds!

  1. These look very nice as others have said. I think your idea for basing them is spot-on and should contrast the paint scheme you have nicely. I look forward to seeing them finished!

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