So tomorrow see me going to my first tournament since 2019, for the amazing game GodTear. I have managed to get all my models finished for it so thought I’d do a quick photo of them all.

Now in each game I can only use 3 of these champions and their respective followers, but the tournament allows you to take 4 and then pick which 3 fight each match.

So I have Mornblade with his raised dead that stop people moving.

Styx Lord of Hounds, that looks bad ass and makes people move and weakens them. He was the last of the group to do and has the very best Banner / Totem / Flag in the game!

Then we are onto Rangosh who really just likes to punch people znd is rather good at it.

And Finally Helena the I don’t really thematically fit with this group, but I got a big flag.

So original I had not planed to take Helena, she does not really feel right with 2 undead and a massive angry half cow monster, I had planned to take Morigan which I have painted and I’m please with but who I just can not use. Every game I play with her I lose and she does nothing so unfortunately she is staying at home this time.

Any how I shall try to take so.e pics of the tournament and do a post on it in due course!

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