So on Sunday just gone I attended my first tournament since before Covid, playing what is turning out to be my favourite game GodTear! And it was a great event, a really friendly atmosphere with good laughs on all games. GodTear is still trying to get going really, launched not long before Covid started and as such it was a small event 20 players I think, but this seemed to make it even more friendly.

It was a one day event with 4 games played, 2 before lunch and 2 after, it was what I believe is called Swiss Chess Style where your first game is a random pick, then your next game is against the closest in the rankings too you, so in theory ever game is as close as possible to someone of your calibre.

My first game saw me draw a chap that was new to the game, had only played 1 demo game before. But he was a very quick learner and a great laugh. It did however give me a good win on round 1.

Round 2 was then a bit hard as I was on the top table, due to my lucky draw for round 1, and I played the person that ended up winning the entire tournament. Now needless to say I lost this game, but my word it was a fun game. I took turn 1 giving me 1VP (need 5 to win) but lost the second turn badly putting me 2 : 1 VP down. I did however use the later part of turn 2 to set me up for a strong turn 3. And this turn was great, we both through everything at each other I lost this turn giving 3VP and the game to my opponent.

Round 3, after a much needed lunch break saw me down on table 3 I think where I played a guy how had made a 3D printerable file for a token holder for the game, which I had so that was really nice. I managed to win this game but it was so close, I only won turn 3 (and hence the game) by a single point!

So game 4 saw me draw none other than the game developer, which was a bit of an honour really, this game went back and forward, and I finally took it on turn 5 the longest a game can possibly go! And here is a photo of me looking stressed in game 5. (Taken off Facebook group I hope the owner does not mind)

Now this meant I ended up getting 3rd place and a rather nice Bronze medal along with a cool playing matt to boot. But more importantly it meant I place 1 spot above my normal gaming pall!

But just to add some icing on top of that cake I was award best painted models, landing me a lovely gold medal and some basing rings to sit the models in. Now 1 thing I should say to be open is that not everyone had painted models (but I was not the only 1 that did!) But I was still very pleased, they particularly liked my Rangosh model.

So I rather enjoyed the day, and apparently the organisers wants to start running 2 of these a year so that would be great! And here are some pics of the models I took.

10 thoughts on “And Actually Tournament!

  1. Brilliant mate. Sounds like a win win day to me. Glad you enjoyed the event and had a lot of fun playing. The pint on the side was a nice touch! 😉 Congratulations on the win for the painted figures, you can only beat what’s put in front of you and given the quality of your work then it was most deserved. 🙂

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  2. Its great to hear that you not only had a good time at the tourney but that it was a smashing success. All that effort painting up GodTear really paid off and to play against the developer is really cool too. I think any of us would love to achieve either of those in a tourney, let alone, both! 🙂

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