So I picked up my next models for my new favourite game GodTear.  This time Elves with bows, that are “slayers” I.e. red colour of the 4 colours models in the game. Now I wanted to keep these looking very clean so I’m starting with whites and turning the leather, wood and hair a “red shade” only got first base coats on but I think it might work.

8 thoughts on “Elfing about

  1. The color scheme looks good to me and you can always have different hair color for each elf to give them some variation. Light colors fit elves well and I’m excited to see her when she’s done!

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    1. Thank you! I’m currently not sure on the hair colour, half of me want variation as you suggest the other half thinks being the same may work better for Elves. I guess I’ll have go see when I have a paint brush in hand.

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